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Chocolate Mousse Is Our New Ice-Cream

Chocolaterie Chapon is serving us spoonfuls of airy chocolate mousse that we can't get enough of for dessert.

If there is a place on earth that knows how to seduce the sweet palate then it is Paris. The French capital is known for its golden pastries, creamy fillings and smooth chocolate with patisseries and chocolatiers seemingly on every corner. And which corner are we lining up at for an extra delicious treat? Chapon, where you can now find a chocolate mousse bar. At every branch of the chocolate shop you will now find the Bar à Mousses where you can choose from six different chocolate mousses, each handcrafted to make your mouth water and fill it with smooth, airy chocolate that has been whipped to perfection. You can order a simple serving in a cone or order a tub for 4 or 8 people to take home for your dinner party or for yourself for an evening of indulgence while bingeing your favourite TV show.


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