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Chic in the Cold

Maison Ullens is making us look forward to filling our winter wardrobe with its autumn/winter 2022/2023 collection.

We usually prefer the warmer season but Maison Ullens's new autumn/winter 2022/2023 collection is getting us excited about the cooler months. The chic collection breathes sophistication with oh-so-cosy knits that we can't wait to wrap ourselves in. Delicate cashmere and warm wool come together for oversized knits and scarves, colours clash beautifully with pink and red stripes dressing up tops and pants, and clean lines falling against the body with long skirts reminiscent of Calvin Klein's signature designs from the nineties make the collection chic without being too classic, letting you have fun with it while also playing it straight when you want. The collection also includes a puffer jacket that feels like a comforting hug and which looks gorgeous cinched in at the waist, keeping you warm and still styling you up.


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