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Scribbled Steps

Marni designs sneakers for Veja that dip into 80's gold individuality with stylish scribbles marking them.

Italian luxury brand Marni, known for its clean-cut yet playful aesthetic, has coloured the world of sustainable sneaker brand, Veja. The collaboration between these two giant names in fashion has resulted in a wonderfully cool sneaker design that will add an "I don't care" element to someone's stylish step, ironically someone who very much cares about their fashion-forward struts. The collab brings two pairs to the table, a reinterpretation of Veja's V-10, and the V-15, a high-top version, with both covered in colourful scribbles, creating a high-end nostalgic limited edition collection that throws back to the 80s when kids used to colour in their white sneakers with their markers. Colouring between the fashion lines means respecting no boundaries, and that's exactly what the Veja x Marni collection has proven by taking pen to sustainable leather. The sneakers are made with ethically-sourced leather and recycled rubber, and each pair is assembled by hand with the right shoe different from the left, further creating a DIY originality style to the design.


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