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Cheers to Rehab in Paris

Paris's Rehab speakeasy bar has just reopened its doors and we're excited about the hush-hush cocktail hour where drinks are elaborated with CBD oil.

Drinking in rehab?! That's what we're doing in Paris this weekend. The French capital's speakeasy in the 1st arrondissement on the chic Rue Saint-Honoré has just reopened its hidden doors inviting us to sip on forbidden cocktails that only make them that much more enticing. Behind mirrored doors and down a spiral staircase is where the Rehab bar team mix and shake creative cocktails that colour cocktail hour with bourbon, vodka and mezcal, and a dash of CBD oil. In the basement of Hôtel Normandy le Chantier that is currently under construction, Rehab was the first bar in France to mix CBD oil in cocktails, and now with its reopening we are excited about the drinks menu, which includes Fly Me to the Moon and Morning Glory, and with names like that we know the drinks are going to be good. Fair warning though, avoid wearing heels as the staircase isn't made for unsteady steps.


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