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Brigitte Bardot in Photos

Galerie Gadcollection lets you catch a glimpse of Brigitte Bardot as seen through the lens of Douglas Kirkland.

She epitomised the carefree beauty of the French in the 60s and now Galerie Gadcollection, a charming photo gallery in the 4th arrondissement of the French capital, is showcasing Brigitte Bardot as captured by Douglas Kirkland. Running through to the 21st of July, the photo exhibition, Doug My Darling, brings together 18 photographs taken by the Canadian-American photographer of the French actress who captivated the world with her beauty. See Bardot joyfully dancing on a table, playing cards and reading the newspaper in her bed. The name of the exhibition is taken from a note written by the actress to the photographer in which she thanks him for the photos he took of her. This is a fun collection of photography to take in while in the City of Light, and while you're in the neighbourhood pop into L'As du Fallafel for the best falafel sandwiches in Paris to savour while walking through Place des Vosges to create the perfect day in the most beautiful city in the world.


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