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An Italian Breakfast in Mornington Worth the Drive

If you're in Melbourne we have found the perfect way to start the day. Drive up the coast, head to Mornington and start your day with a delicious breakfast made with Italian love at 400 Gradi.

Everyone's favourite Italian eatery, 400 Gradi, where you can dine on award-winning pizza, has just introduced a breakfast menu at its Mornington location that is good enough to set an alarm for on a Sunday morning. The menu caters to everyone, vegetarians, vegans, everyone who eats everything, savoury dishes and sweet treats for those of us who prefer to start the day on a sweet note. The Gradi Brekky Burger is a favourite packed with avocado, cheese, hash brown, a fried egg and bacon, and for vegetarians if you ask for it without the bacon you will not be disappointed with the mixture of textures with each mouthful bursting with flavour. The Lobster Benedict is a decadent option with brioche bread topped with lobster, two poached eggs and drizzled with Hollandaise sauce. For us who never say no to dessert, the tiramisu waffles are a must with housemade golden waffles covered in a generous serving of coffee-flavoured mascarpone cream, yum! The breakfast menu is served until 11.30am making it late enough for you to enjoy on a lazy Sunday before doing a spot of shopping alone Main Street or for a walk along the beach.


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