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An Arty Weekend in Paris

Paris is one of the most culture-filled cities in the world with world-famous museums welcoming visitors from all over the globe every day, and this weekend we are sampling only a fraction of its cultural offerings. No matter your preference when it comes to art appreciation we think there is something for you, from outdoor installations to poetic photography, Paris and its arts do not disappoint.

You are in the City of Love and what better way to celebrate Paris, love and art than to take in a show dedicated to the intimacy of romance. The Love Songs Photography and Intimacy photo exhibition playing out at the MEP brings together the works of celebrated photographers of the 20th and 21st centuries, notably Nobuyoshi Araki and Nan Goldin. The romance-filled images bring the visitors into the couples' worlds, into their intimate moments from the beginning of a love affair to domestic bliss.

An art installation in the Palais-Royal fountain is turning the famous royal garden into an hommage to Fabrice Hyber's famous L'Homme de Bessines. Celebrating 30 years since the French artist's original creation, the Domaine National du Palais-Royal is filling its water fountain with 31 sculptures, 30 male and one female, from which jets of water shoot out, recreating Hyber's iconic work.

Putting the spotlight on emerging artists, La Villette is showcasing 100% L'Expo, a contemporary art exhibition highlighting the works of young artists. From performances to photography, the show integrates all the arts with installations held inside La Villette's exhibition space as well as its sprawling park.

Step into where royalty once lived and walk through the recently restored Dauphin Apartment in Versailles. After 18 months of restoration work, the apartment has reopened its magnificent doors to the public, with the Château de Versailles apartment delving you back into history and inviting you to walk in the privileged footsteps of Louis XV's eldest son, Dauphin Louis-Ferdinand.


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