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Al Fresco in the South of France

Enjoy the best bites in France's most visited cities in the south and celebrate the summer the only way the French can, with food and wine.

Sun, sand and great food is what is waiting for you in the South of France this summer, with great eateries serving up seasonal dishes that take a leaf from the best Mediterranean cuisines. One such great spot is Rita in Cannes where Italian flair is peppered throughout the Mediterranean bistro dishes. Artisanal focaccia drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with herbs, creamy burrata cheese, fried calamari and truffle pasta are only some of the mouthwatering dishes inviting you to reserve a table at this quaint and unpretentious bistro.


1. For the best pizza in Toulon there is only Il Parasole di Marco worth the visit. The chef uses three different flours to make the perfect pizza base before bringing it to life with delicious toppings.

2. In the mood for a gourmet lobster roll in Saint-Tropez? Homer Lobster should be your go-to with lobster rolls, crab rolls and fancy caviar rolls on the street food menu.

3. For Spanish tapas and paella in Nice we recommend Bocca, where you can dine atop the city from the restaurant's rooftop.


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