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Above Board

Step into one of the world's 50 best bars in the heart of Melbourne where intricate recipes create spectacular drinking elixirs.

Behind a beer bar in Collingwood is one of Melbourne's most sophisticated speakeasy bars. Above Board is an intimate bar with only the lucky few every night sampling the house's signature cocktails with less than 20 people invited in and around the bar. Accessed via the beer bar on Smith Street or through Chopper Lane, a back alley entrance covered in colourful graffiti, the bar awaits to impress cocktail connoisseurs with classic drinks with a twist and original signature mixes. Once inside let the menu guide you through your happy hour with the Gentleman Caller mixed with rye whisky and sweet vermouth, and the Empire Strikes Bax with Amaro, Campari and cold drip coffee only a couple of the drinks waiting to delight. Ranked 44 on The World's 50 Best Bars list, Above Board will undoubtedly be moving up the ranks quite quickly with its impressive mixology offerings.


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