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A Massage in the Marais

Paris's new hotel is where we're going for a swim before enjoying a detoxifying massage.

Want to disappear for an afternoon and just get pampered in Paris? The French capital's new 5-star hotel, Le Grand Mazarin, has just welcomed Anne Cali into its spa where you can now indulge in some well-deserved me time with the celebrated masseuse. The boutique hotel boasts one cabin, making your time in the spa a very private and exclusive moment, creating an even more luxurious moment for yourself. The treatments here include the classic facials and relaxing body massages, with more focused massages the real draw here with toning and cellulite-reducing treatments leaving clients with a slimmer silhouette. The jewel of the hotel and its spa is its indoor pool with a fresco looking over you as you take a dip into the water for the ultimate pampering day in Le Marais.


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