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A Date with the Phantom of the Opera

Airbnb has set up its latest overnight stay in Paris's Palais Garnier where you can spend the night surrounded by plush luxury and walking through the Phantom of the Opera's haunted hallways.

Ever dreamed of spending the night with the Phantom of the Opera? Airbnb is known for offering guests the chance to spend the night in magical places all around the world and this time it's making up your bed in Paris's iconic Palais Garnier. The sumptuous opera house will be hosting you for an evening of sophistication and luxury, transforming one of its boxes into a room from where you can look down on the rows of red velvet seats and the stage. The overnight reservation will also give you the chance to walk through the haunted hallways of the opera house in the legendary footsteps of the Phantom and you will be served an intimate dinner backstage from where you can toast the legend after getting a front row seat to a recital performed by dancers from the Académie de l'Opéra de Paris.


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