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Melbourne’s NGV is Hosting 120 Artists as Part of its Triennial Exhibition

The National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne is showcasing the works of over 120 artists with works ranging from installations, sculptures and even fashion as part of its free Triennial 2023 exhibition.

For appreciators of fashion as an art, the NGV is treating you to a splendid exhibition showcasing the mastery of Daniel Roseberry, the creative director of Schiaparelli. The fashion house is known for its sculptural designs with Roseberry designing statement-making pieces that incorporate over-the-top golden accents, Grecian gold sandals, lung-shaped necklace and golden bustiers are only some of the striking details that transform the haute couture dresses into works of art.

He drew intrigue and interest when he first exhibited his Comedian work of art at Art Basel Miami, and now the NGV lets you take a closer look at Maurizio Cattelan's banana and duct tape, and invites you to interpret the art yourself.

Another non-traditional work of art taking part in this multi-art exhibition is the heartwarming My Mommy is Beautiful by Yoko Ono. The installation is an open invitation to all visitors to leave a written message to their mum and stick it to the gallery's walls, creating a wonderful letter to all the mothers, with the love letters ultimately becoming the art.


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