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8 Drinks You Need For Your Next Cocktail Party

Sometimes happy hour is fun at home with friends, especially for the host who doesn't need to worry about driving. To celebrate the best night in we have selected eight different drinks to help you mix your creative cocktails at home and which will surely impress not only your guests but also your own tastebuds.

Joseph Carton has just released their bergamot orange liqueur and it is the perfect ingredient for a not too tangy, not too sweet cocktail. Mix it with rum, bergamot orange juice, fresh mint and sparkling water and you have yourself a refreshing cocktail to toast your evening in.

Ambra Spirits has just teamed up with Bippi Foods to bring us the cocktail kit we didn't know we needed. The Spicy Limoncello Spritz Cocktail Kit comes with limoncello, chilli salt and even chilli-infused dried fruit to add spice to your cocktail hour.

The new Stoli Cucumber vodka is our kind of cucumber-infused drink. Forget your healthy cucumber water this weekend and grab the Stoli to create the Supernova cocktail. Shake 40ml Stoli cucumber, 20ml elderflower liqueur, 10ml peppermint tea, 20ml fresh lime juice, two mint leaves, pour into a chilled glass and enjoy.

Crafted from Australian molasses, Brix Australian Cane Spirit is the rum of choice for a daiquiri, mojito or on the rocks with a squeeze of fresh lime if you favour your drinks a little bit stronger.

Mishka vodka has taken out all the work for us in mixing our drinks and has just launched their ready-to-drink pre-mixed vodka cocktails in a can. The new range brings you five delicious flavours including Sweet Raspberry Mango, Watermelon Guava and Tropical Pineapple Lime.

We love a spritz and helping us add a twist to ours is Jaillance sparkling wine. Mix it with elderflower syrup, lemon juice, vodka and fresh basil and let it take you to the French Riviera for cocktail hour.

For amateurs of whisky, try Glenmorangie's latest Cadboll Estate Limited Edition whisky. The smooth drink envelopes the palate with notes of honey, toffee and hazelnut, leaving you with a lingering almond marzipan taste.

If you're looking to add some bubbles to your evening without the alcohol, Brown Brothers's Zero range will be your new happy hour bff. For a sparkling drop try the label's Prosecco Rosé Zero and let the notes of strawberry, watermelon and apple dance on your tastebuds.

To prepare for your evening of cocktails make sure you have alc-eze handy. The 100% natural product made with nashi pears works to ease the symptoms of a hangover.

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