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5 Sandwiches You Need to Taste in Paris

5 casual eateries in Paris that make the mouth water where the traditional baguette is replaced by other breads to create Paris's new favourite sandwiches.

Faurn, meaning oven in Arabic, is the new Lebanese restaurant where the traditional manoush flatbreads are being served piping hot straight out of the oven. Chef Alan Geaam's new restaurant is where you can enjoy the classic zaatar manoush with its zesty tang, or if you want to try something a little heartier then there is the Royale with a double serving of zaatar and halloumi cheese.

Grilled sandwiches and tomato soup are a basic meal but at Melt the basic couldn't be more delicious. Part of the restaurant's new Typical Texan Breakfast menu, the humble cheese toastie is comfort food at its best, warm, gooey and stretches out with every bite. The weekend menu also includes an egg and brisket sandwich, fried chicken and waffles, and a breakfast burger, all the hearty Texan favourites that will fuel you for the entire day, and made to be enjoyed with a Bloody Mary.

French chef Helene Darroze has given the popular burger an haute cuisine spin with sesame seed buns bursting with delicious French produce at her new restaurant Jòia Bun. French cheese, meat and handcrafted sauces come together between fresh bread, French of course, to serve you anything but junk food but rather a fancy take on the burger served with golden fries.

Another Middle Eastern offering comes from Nour. French-Israeli chef Yossi Levy has opened his very first street food eatery in the French capital and it is where you can wrap your fingers around arayes, traditional Syrian sandwiches. The crisp pita pockets are filled with delicious fillings such as lamb, beef and mushrooms for the vegan option.

Brioche bread covered in a thick layer of Nutella is our kind of sandwich. Janet by Homer, the diner that specialises in New York-style deli sandwiches including tuna melts, pastrami sandwiches and turkey sandwiches, is our go-to for a simply satisfying treat, so if you are more dessert than savoury then you have to try this sinfully delicious chocolate toast drizzled with olive oil for extra smoothness.


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