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5 Restaurants in Paris Not to Miss

This week reserve your lunch or dinner at one of Paris's most coveted tables for a taste of the French capital.

Maison Bréguet, a boutique hotel in the 11th arrondissement just a few steps from Bastille, boasts a contemporary restaurant where fresh produce are the star of the show, second to the restaurant's glass ceiling, which lets in comforting natural light. French classics with a twist are on the menu including a hearty salad topped with fried goat cheese and smoked duck, which can be served without the duck for vegetarian diners.

For a taste of Italy, Giusé is our new favourite rendezvous spot. Everything we love about Italian cuisine is here, fresh produce, hearty servings, and made with love. Eggplant parmigiana, arancini balls, octopus salad and fried calamari are just the starters before paving the way to the city's best gnocchi tossed in creamy mozzarella cheese, fresh basil and parmesan cheese. The menu also includes wood fired pizza made with organic flour and tomato sauce, making one of the yummiest pizzas in Paris.

The best of Greece is served on a platter at the recently opened Laurier restaurant in the Galeries Lafayette department store on the beautiful Avenue des Champs-Elysées. Nestled on the second floor of Lafayette, the restaurant serves up the flavours of Greece with stuffed vine leaves, moussaka and roasted scallops all on the menu, to be enjoyed with a glass, or two, of Greek wine. The restaurant also serves traditional Greek desserts to end your meal on a sweet note including that of layered baklava drizzled with syrup.

When in Paris finding a great wine bar is always fun, and it is made that much better when the food accompanying the sweet drops is just as good. In the chic 7th arrondissement in a quiet side street is where you will find Le Comptoir de la Traboule. Here the wine list is curated to highlight natural and organic wines, with drops selected from around France from perhaps lesser-known wine producers from Burgundy and Bordeaux. Accompanying the fine wines is a tapas-style menu with sharing plates that regularly change but could include fried cauliflower seasoned with pistachio oil and parmesan cheese, and salmon confit served with a celery risotto.

And for Friday night burgers after a few drinks Naked Burger strips its burgers from all meat and dairy products, serving a delicious menu of vegan burgers. From a chicken burger to a BBQ option, the burgers here are juicy, tasty and all vegan with all the trimmings, cheese, bacon and creamy sauces. The burgers here are so good that even meat-lovers will appreciate them along with the sweet potato fries.


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