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4 Things You Need to Eat While in Paris

When in Paris there are certain things you need to do and eating the perfect baguette or indulging in creamy cheese are definitely on the list.

Can you be in Paris and not bite into a freshly baked baguette? The answer is of course non! Tranché, the artisanal bakery is where you need to go for an organic traditional baguette that you can break a piece of and eat while walking through the Marais, the bakery's new branch neighbourhood.

Creamy or stinky, French cheese is renowned for being the best in the world with an endless variety to choose from. If you're looking to indulge your tastebuds in one of France's culinary treasure then you need to step right into Lyre, the new cheese shop in the 17th arrondissement where you will find everything from different varieties of goat cheese to Comte.

The Swiss may pride themselves on their chocolate but the French are definitely a qualified rival with Alléno & Rivoire proving that French chocolate is not to be messed with. If you love dark chocolate then you need to taste the chocolatier's Plaquette Terroirs - Accord Cognac, with candied orange and mango covered in pure dark chocolate that marries beautifully with cognac.

For a goûter, the sophisticated French equivalent of an afternoon snack, you have to try the famous cream-filled waffles from Meert in its recently opened boutique/café in the Marais neighbourhood. Light, creamy and the perfect "something sweet" with your favourite tea blend.


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