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4 Things You Need For Your Next Happy Hour

You have the wine, spirits and mixers ready but we have you covered for the little things that will make your cocktail hour that much more impressive.

Designed to preserve carbonation and freshness for up to 7 days, the new Non bottle stopper is what you need to keep your Non wines fresh, and the best part is that the stopper also fits most other crown-capped glass bottles.

Ferm Living’s collection of glassware lets you colour your wine time and cocktail hour with beautiful glasses in different colours including an elegant moss green and blush.

Designer Stella McCartney has designed the ultimate boujee accessory for your next champagne bottle. Teaming up with Veuve Clicquot, Stella has created a bottle holder, cradling your champagne bottle in vegan leather with grape-shaped faux leather charms.

Stay ahead of any hangover stemming from one too many drinks and make sure you stock up on Bae Juice, an all natural hangover prevention drink made from 200% Korean pear juice.


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