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3 Desserts You Must Try While in Paris

Three French pastry chefs have created desserts that are filling us with the sweetest of treats while in Paris.

Pastry chef Jeffrey Cagnes has created a delightful pistachio tart just for the European summer, and if you love pistachios then you need to try this dessert. The chef has covered a sablé biscuit base with an orange blossom-flavoured ganache, sprinkled pistachios, and topped it off with a pistachio crunch and pistachio praline, giving your tastebuds a pistachio party of different textures.

We've always been fans of his Paris-Brest, but now Philippe Conticini is giving one of his signature pastries great competition with his new Croissant Roll XXL. Made with a croissant pastry, the Croissant Roll is filled with vanilla cream, salted caramel and caramelised pecans, creating a crunchy, yet creamy dessert that is so good that it may be difficult to share it with anyone, even with its XXL size. The Croissant Roll is available only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so be sure to plan your weekend around this very Frenchy treat.

For something to help you cool down during the heatwave that is hitting the city, grab a scoop, or two, of Pierre Hermé dessert-inspired ice-cream creations. For a refreshing treat try the pistachio and strawberry swirl, or if you prefer something decadent in taste you have to try the Macaron Infiniment Caramel, a salted caramel ice-cream with pieces of macaron and caramel sauce.


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