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YSL in Marrakesh

Walk through a world of fashion at the Yves Saint Laurent Museum in exotic Morocco.

Yves Saint Laurent discovered Marrakesh in 1966 and he quickly fell in love with the city that would become his second home. Inspired by its colours and culture, the celebrated designer embraced his new home and soon encompassed its beauty in his work. For admirers of his creations and his contribution to fashion, a visit to the YSL Museum in Marrakesh must be added to your bucket list. The museum celebrates the life of the designer via his unforgettable collections. Time travel back to the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s and walk through his iconic designs including the safari jacket, tuxedo suit and the Mondrian collection. He changed fashion forever, and what better way to take in a retrospective of his work than in the city he loved to escape to?


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