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Yo-Chi Turns Unicorns into Dessert

Turns out that unicorns are real and you can eat them. Yo-Chi makes us believe in unicorns with its Unicorn Magic Month.

Our favourite frozen yogurt brand, Yo-Chi, is turning our sweet treat moment into a unicorn affair. Imagine unicorn swirls of yogurt and unicorn-themed toppings and you have your very own unique dessert. The Unicorn Magic Month will be running until October 15 and it is the perfect way to indulge in a healthier alternative to ice-cream as the weather warms up. Try the Strawberry Cream and add sour lolly strands or maybe choose the vegan chocolate and top off with passionfruit and lemon curd for a tangy touch. This year Yo-Chi is also adding Tony’s Chocolonely White Raspberry Popping Candy Chocolate Bar to the options of toppings during Unicorn Magic Month, yum!


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