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Yankee Scents

American premium brand Yankee Candle specialises in scented candles that bring original fragrances to your home, filling it with warmth.

What started off as a thoughtful gift to a mother has now become a famous name in the candle business and our go-to for scented candles. In 1969 Mike Kittredge made his mother an artisanal candle for Christmas, attracting the interest of a neighbour, Mike sold the candle and bought more wax to make another one for his mother and another one to sell, setting the first stone in creating the Yankee Candle brand. Today, the brand creates more than 600 different scents, all made in Massachusetts, to fill homes around the world. The brand's latest scented offerings bring tropical islands and sweet and tarty cherry blossoms to your home in beautiful apothecary jars that can be upcycled and used as canisters or decorative objects in your bathroom. The premium American brand also creates seasonal scented candles, with 2021's signature candle, Discovery, bringing spicy notes of ginger and tangy and sweet notes of mango, passion fruit and vanilla together to create an exotic ambiance that will burn for up to 150 hours.


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