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Written in the Stars

We are all unique, governed by our different personalities and celestial intervention, with astrological signs at times playing an important role when it comes to our mood. In turn our mood dictates our fashion choices on any given day, so to help you navigate through your zodiac sign we have found 5 fabulous brands that are making sure your stars are aligned in the eyes of the fashion gods.

Wear your star sign around your neck with Atelier Paulin's Astro collection. Each sign is created by hand using one single precious metal wire.

Accessorise in style with the Dior Zodiac silk twill scarf. The fringed accessory portrays a constellation with the zodiac signs encircling it, a nod to Mr. Dior's fascination with astrology.

Attract good vibes with the Zodiac line from Australian jewellery brand Krystle Knight Jewellery. The She is Cosmic collection by astrologer and empowerment coach Natalia Benson sees each piece feature white sapphires that bring strength and wisdom to the wearer.

Pop a Popsocket phone grip holder to your phone and reflect your celestial energy on every call, text, post and selfie.

Inspired by astrology, Maison Douze offers 12 perfumes that reflect the notes representative of each sign, letting you smell like your ruling sign with a simple spray.


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