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Words of Fashion

Words don't always come easy but when they do they certainly make quite the fashion statement. Check out four labels that have made their designs stand out with literature.

Let your look be the news of the evening with this Camilla dress, inspired by John Galliano's iconic dress for Dior famously worn by SJP on Sex and the City.

Declare your love of bags, on a bag, with this Amour basket bag from Jac Cadeaux, the perfect weekend accessory for brunch with the ladies.

Marc Jacobs isn't known for his subtle designs and with his The Monogram Collection his vibe is written all over the pieces, quite literally, with MJ emblazoned on everything from the sunglasses to the oversized hoodies.

Maison Ernest has taken a written page from Marc Jacobs's playbook and has covered its Bandit thigh-high boots in its monochrome monogram. These boots aren't made for walking, they are made to give you a leg up in the fashion stakes.


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