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Wine and Tapas Al Fresco

Paris's Trinquet Village has opened a new wine and tapas bar to enjoy great food and a lively atmosphere on sweet summer nights.

Beyond the sea of food trucks in the Trinquet Village in the 16th arrondissement of Paris is Piquette, a new wine bar where natural, organic and biodynamic wines are the star, dimmed only slightly by the delicious tapas-style dishes served. Nestled in the corner of the "village", Piquette is a wonderful address if you are looking for a bustling ambiance with only the chitter-chatter of locals to overhear. A hanging garden surrounds the restaurant, separating it from the rest of the Trinquet Village, and while outside food trucks serve street food, here dishes are made to share and bring French flair to tapas. The menu changes frequently but seasonal dishes could include roasted baby artichokes sprinkled with rosemary and sea salt, creamy burrata cheese served with sweet peaches and figs, and grilled cabbage with crab meat flavoured with black garlic and fennel.


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