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What Are We Chilling In This Weekend?

Looking forward to a cosy weekend in? Before locking yourself away at home make sure you have these items on-hand to make your time in as comfortable as possible.

First we're setting the mood with a Myles Gray Celestial candle. With notes of raspberry and vanilla, the candle will fill any room with sweet warmth, while its healing crystals will emit a sense of calm and relaxation, setting the perfect mood for a weekend indoors.

We are then slipping into KremEditions very first collection of homewear. The sustainable label's capsule collection is made up of a pair of comfy velvet pants and matching sweater. Available in three colours, the pieces are designed using 100% upcycled Italian velvet, making us nestle into our cosy evening feeling good about being green with our fashion choice.

Time to press play on our entertainment and we're reaching for our new iPad. Apple's new 9th generation iPad boasts the A13 Bionic chip, which means it is a lot faster than other tablets, and with its all-day battery life, we will be glued to our couch without having to get up to recharge. And with its True Tone feature adapting the screen to the colour temperature of the room, our eyes will not be squinting whether we are watching our favourite show on Apple TV or reading our new book.

And we're keeping our pillow covered with a No. 22 Marquise champagne silk pillow case close by to snuggle up to. The luxe pillow cover will not only keep us comfortable but will also make sure that our hair doesn't get tangled up and is kept silky smooth.


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