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What Are The Hair Trends This Season?

The Australian Hair Fashion Awards is Australia’s largest and longest-running hairdressing awards and to get the lowdown on the latest hair trends we spoke to Creative Colourist of the Year finalist, Sanja Scher from Beatnik Studio in Prahran, Victoria.

What are the latest trends in hairstyles and haircuts?

We’re seeing butterfly cuts and 70’s layers are making a comeback and we’re loving it! Think choppy layered wavy hair with curtain bangs and face-framing layers. Mullets are also really big at the moment with men and women. We’re seeing lots of mixie cuts that fuse mullet and pixie elements plus on the flip side low-maintenance styles like sleek low buns are proving very popular.

What is your recommendation for an easy-to-manage haircut if you’re looking for a change but nothing that will take too long to style every morning?

Face framing layers and curtain bangs are an easy way to keep the length but freshen up the look. Curtain bangs don’t require the same level of maintain as a traditional fringe, and to minimise the need for daily styling, keep them a bit longer around just above the jaw.

4 style tips for quick updates to an outdated look

Try parting your hair differently, if you normally have a middle part try a side or off-centre part or if you normally have your hair out, try the new trend of a low, sleek bun. A great anti-frizz product such as the new Revlon Professional RE/START Anti-Frizz Moisturising Drops will help to smooth down the hair to create a sleek look.

Try an on-trend colour for a bit of fun. A washable colour makes experimenting with fashion hues such as pink a fun and temporary update. A pigmented treatment like Revlon Professional Nutri Color Filters makes it super easy without the commitment. You can customise the colour intensity by how long you keep the colour in your hair, 3 minutes will add a hint of the colour and 15 minutes will be the full intensity. Or perhaps try face-framing highlights, they don’t take as long as a full head of highlights and will freshen up your hair and give you a brand-new look.

What are the latest trends in hair colour?

Coppers are big at the moment and pastels are back but more muted. We’re also seeing smoky colours, which are fun and can easily be changed depending on your mood with the Revlon Professional Nutri Colour Filters.

Fringe or no fringe?

Fringe! Curtain bangs came to the scene a couple of years ago and don’t seem to be leaving anytime soon. We’re also seeing longer versions of curtain bangs that are more face-framing.

What are the top tips for damaged hair?

Using the right products can make a big difference and at-home care is where a lot of the work happens. To help damaged hair, try to minimise heat styling, and start incorporating weekly masks and treatments. The Revlon Professional Uniq One is a great place to start and the easiest product to use. You literally just spray it in and leave it, and can be used on wet or dry hair, and it repairs, strengthens, provides heat protection, boosts shine and controls frizz. It should be called Miracle One! Hair masks also help a lot, and the RE/START Intense Recovery mask will do wonders for damaged hair.

3 tips on covering grey hair without damaging hair with too many regular hair salon appointments

Colour your hair with a permanent colour that guarantees 100% grey coverage. Revlonissimo Colorsmetique is perfect for this and also protects the integrity of the hair inside out. You can also try a colour or style that will help camouflage greys like face-framing highlights, and post colour try not to wash your hair for at least 3 days to allow it to fully take hold. Also make sure you’re using colour-protective shampoos, conditioners and treatments to keep your hair healthy and looking fresh for longer.


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