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Wearable Art is a Scarf

A chic scarf isn't just an accessory when it is covered in real art. Cover yourself in an Alba Amicorum scarf and discover the art of fashion.

They say fashion is wearable art and it couldn't be truer than with Alba Amicorum. Meaning friend books in Latin, Alba Amicorum is a young brand specialising in scarves elaborated by artworks printed on fine silk, cashmere and natural fabrics. Founded by artist Darshana Shilpi Rouget, the brand creates the scarves with a collaborative approach, similar to friends filling their friends' books with musings, poems and artwork, Darshana invites fellow artist friends to cover the scarves with their artistically-filled figurative brushes. The limited edition scarves are visually striking with works by photographer James T Murray, painter Mary Jones and writer Ross Klavan, as well as Man Ray through the Man Ray Trust. The creativity of the scarves extends beyond the art and onto the wearer, with each person bringing their own spin on the wearable art with how they wear it, draped on the shoulders, wrapped around as a turban or tied around as a belt, the possibilities are as artistic as the design themselves.


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