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Waiting for White Wine Day

White Wine Day is just around the corner and to get prepared for the wine day we're soliciting the help of Four Somme for some great wine advice.

One of our favourite days of the year is coming up and we couldn't be looking forward to anything more. White Wine Day, yes it is a thing, is on the 4th of August and to celebrate the day we are turning to Four Somme to get us prepared for the big, white, crispy day. Four Somme, a wine club adapting to millennials and their adventurous tastes, offers members a way of discovering and tasting new wines every two months, broadening the horizon and the palate with new wines from different regions. When you sign up to become a member you receive a Preview Pack of red or white wines, after tasting the four wines you choose your favourites in a virtual tasting platform, and then you receive 8 bottles customised to your personal preferences. And although Four Somme claims to be the world's first wine club for millennials, we think any generation will get a kick out of having a virtual sommelier personalising a wine selection that is delivered to your doorstep every 8 weeks.


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