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Up Your Cocktail Party Game

Looking to spice up your Saturday night cocktail party menu? Check out our cocktail makeovers that will have you crowned as the queen of entertaining.

Forget espresso martinis, the new coffee-infused cocktail of choice is the Cold Brew Mule. Mix 50ml of Malongo's Cold Brew with 30ml of vodka, 50ml of ginger ale and a squeeze of lime and have your party guests praising your cocktail mixing skills.

Dips and snacks are just as important as the drinks you serve and that's why we love Marius's selection of ready-to-serve dips. Cream of gorgonzola, hommus with mint, and black olive tapenade are perfect to accompany grissini and chips, open and serve or empty into a dip platter tray and take all the credit.

Serve your guests a shot of antioxidants with a cocktail made with aloe vera water. Grab Eloa's flavoured aloe vera water and refresh your margarita mix, or create your own original cocktail by mixing your favourite spirit with your preferred fruit flavoured water, add a splash of fruit juice and voila!

For fun with bubbles muddle 4 leaves of basil and a sprig of rosemary into 15ml of lemon juice and 60ml of sparkling water before topping up your tall glass with sparkling wine from Jalliance. A Frenchy touch to your cocktail menu will definitely make your weekend get-together pop.

Up your pizza game and instead of ordering in impress your guests with your homemade pizza. And the secret ingredient to wow them? Instead of using a plain tomato pizza sauce open up a jar of Jean Martin's aubergine parmigiana sauce and spread it on your pizza base before adding your favourite toppings, then watch as your friends tuck in and enjoy slice after slice.

Classic cocktails never go out of style and the Perrier Spritz is a drink that will definitely have your guests singing your cocktail-making praises. In a large wine glass add ice and 50ml of Chardonnay wine, 20ml of Campari, a squeeze of orange juice and 100ml of Perrier. Serve and let the party begin.

And for a juicy twist to a classic drink try swapping plain vodka with the new Absolut Juice apple-flavoured spirit. In a large wine glass simply add a shot of the fruity vodka and top off with tonic and voila, a vodka tonic with a refreshing twist.


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