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Unwind and Relax

Looking for ways to relax and unwind? Try one of our three favourite things to do to zone out and chillax.

Get Zen with restorative yoga, a practice that focuses on relaxation poses that result in a feeling of calm. Roll out your double-sided Yoga Searcher Comfort mat, with the smooth side facing up for slow yoga and get stretching, and if you prefer something more dynamic in movement flip over the mat for the textured side to face up to give you more grip as you start sweating it out.

Knit your worries away with We Are Knitters. Choose from a wide variety of knitting and crochet kits and start creating your very own handmade accessories. Blankets, scarves and beanies are waiting to help you get creative but we love this crochet bag that will not only knit your stress away but will leave you with a pretty cool accessory to hold on your next brunch date.

Kick your bad day out the door with a round of foosball with L'Avant Gardiste's mini table soccer game. The wooden table-top game is small and light enough for you to carry so you can get a game in at home or in the office for a quick stress-relief kick when needed.


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