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Toasting World Cognac Day in Australia

Monnet is celebrating World Cognac Day with exclusive cocktails at four cocktail bars in Australia, enticing us to go up and down the east coast to sample all the mixology creations.

The 4th of June will mark World Cognac Day but you can start celebrating from the 31st of May with Monnet Cognac. The French label has partnered up with four bars on the east coast of Australia to bring cocktail enthusiasts exclusive mixology creations to toast the global event. The venues taking part in this happy hour event include The Cloakroom Bar in Melbourne, Savile Row Bar in Brisbane, Hendriks Bar and Grill in the Southern Highlands, and Hendriks Cognac and Wine Bar in Sydney, with each venue offering specialised cognac cocktails for one week only. Besides using the event as the perfect excuse to go out for a drink or two, anyone attending any of the participating venues and posts their cocktail to their socials and uses the hashtag #WCDwithMonnet, will go into the running to win a bottle of Monnet.


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