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Time to Treat Your Skin to Extra TLC

Being time poor doesn't need to mean having bad skin. Try the new Reclar at-home beauty product that will turn your bathroom into a spa.

Anyone who is time-poor knows how difficult it is sometimes to find the time to book in a spa appointment for a well-deserved facial. However, sacrificing good skin doesn't have to be the end game to being busy thanks to Reclar. The skincare brand's Hypoallergenic Galvanic Peeler will leave you with cleaner, younger looking skin thanks to its light therapy, and all you need is five minutes a day. The ingenious product is a three-in-one offering, hit the peeling function if you are looking to give your skin a deep clean with the Peeler removing excess sebum, impurities and dead skin cells from your pores, preparing it for your serum and creams. To help your skin better absorb and benefit from your skincare routine, click on the G-Blue light, which works to help remove acne and minimise inflammation. And to prevent aging all it takes is a quick push on the G-Red light button. Promoting the production of collagen, the red light feature helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and increase skin elasticity, leaving you with smoother, brighter and younger skin. This is a great option if you are pressed for time but still want to take good care of your skin.


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