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Time to Dream

Chanel's new limited edition watch celebrates an icon of the house and sprinkles it with a rainbow of sapphires.

Chanel's iconic J12 watch has been given quite the facelift with the release of a capsule collection that covers four versions of the watch in dazzling coloured sapphires. The Chanel Electro limited edition collection includes this J12 White Electro Dream watch that offsets its ceramic bracelet with 46 baguette-cut sapphires letting you tell time with rainbow colours. The collection also includes the J12 Black Electro Dream watch with the dazzling sapphires creating quite the contrast against the watch's black matte ceramic bracelet. While the director of Chanel's Watchmaking Creation Studio, Arnaud Chastaingt, says his inspiration for the capsule collection comes from the 90's colourful techno culture, we think he has created a watch that captures the magic of the mythical unicorn, sprinkling every minute of the day with colourful gemstones.


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