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The Scents of Chanel

Paris is hosting Le Grand N° de Chanel, an original exhibition introducing you to the scents that have become icons of the French fashion house.

From the 15th of December until the 9th of January the Grand Palais Ephémère invites you into the scented world of Chanel. The first designer to lend her name to a perfume and the first to name a perfume with a simple number, Gabrielle Chanel wasn't only an avant-gardiste when it comes to fashion but also in the universe of perfume-making.

Delving you into that universe is Le Grand N° de Chanel, an olfactive exhibition walking you through Chanel's most iconic perfumes, starting of course with N°5, which was named after the 5th sample presented to her by Ernest Beaux, the perfumer behind the now most famous perfume. Weaving from Chanel N°5 to Bleu by way of Chance, each of the French house's fragrances are unveiled to show their detailed history through scented installations.

Dare to discover your signature scent and what it says about you? The exhibition also invites you to take an olfactive version of the Rorschach test, revealing your personality. With perfume a way of expressing oneself, much the same way what we wear and how we talk and move say a lot about who we are, the original test may reveal something to you that has been hidden in what perfume you've been misting yourself with for years.


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