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The Ritz Lets You Eat Cake Like Royalty in Paris

The Ritz Hotel in Paris is serving French high tea in its Salon Proust and it's an experience worthy of Marie-Antoniette.

The Ritz Hotel in Paris is synonymous with decadence and the hotel's new high tea offering is having us feeling like French princesses. Imagine sipping on one of 11 rare teas while savouring every bite of a buttery madeleine cake covered in creamy vanilla cream, lemon meringue pie and house-made marble cake all made by pastry chef François Perret and served in the Salon Proust and you have the setting for one of the most luxurious experiences in Paris. Forget cucumber sandwiches, the French high tea at the Ritz is all about sweetness with the tiered serving platter inviting guests to spend an afternoon like Marie-Antoniette, holding royal court to converse and eat cake. Could there be anything more grand than spoiling oneself with refined French desserts in one of the French capital's plushest hotels?


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