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The Right Activewear for your Workouts

Sticking to a new active you starts with the outfit, it's the first step in moving more, and to help you on your workout plan we bring you activewear for your preferred activity.

Get your cardio in while wearing the new collection from LSKD. The pink Form Sports Bra with a strappy racer back design and the matching shorts are perfect for low intensity workouts.

Inspired by the Australian Open? The Upside's tennis capsule will have you looking stylish on and off the court with the Bounce Cordova Skirt and the Ivy League Saturn Crew sweatshirt that you can also match with your favourite pair of jeans.

Oysho's activewear collection will have you dressed to impress with pieces designed specifically for different workouts including low impact, yoga, Pilates and running, making sure your activewear moves with you with ease.

Lululemon's Define Jacket is the perfect find if you're looking for something to keep you covered while getting your steps in outdoors. The jacket features thumb holes, zippered pockets and an elastic zipper pull that doubles as an emergency hair tie, handy when you work up a sweat on your hike.

For relaxed pieces that will keep you comfortable in and out of the gym, reach out for the Champion pieces from JD Sports.


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