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The Good Food & Wine Show is Back in Melbourne

The Good Food & Wine Show is back and is the yummiest event this weekend in Melbourne where you can sip on French wine and discover new recipes for your next dinner.

The Good Food & Wine Show is back for another season starting on May 31 in Melbourne, inviting foodies to enjoy a wonderful day out filled with delicious food and wine. Celebrity chefs and food and beverage vendors will animate the event where more than 100,000 people are expected to taste their way around the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. Food demonstrations and 1000 artisans and brands will be showcasing their fare with a highlight being the Loire Wine Experience, presented by Loire Wines & Tastes France, you can explore the wines of the famous Loire Valley region. For anyone who loves entertaining at home, the Wine Selectors Tasting Room will be enticing to visit as it is where you can take part in interactive guided tastings and learn about the art of wine and cheese, and perfect pairings. The popular Cooking Main Stage will also be back where you can be inspired for meal ideas by the roster of chefs including Donna Hays and Kirsten Tibballs, and their delicious recipes.


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