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The Colourful World of Pierre Bonnard in Melbourne

Pierre Bonnard's works are being celebrated at the National Gallery of Victoria in a setting designed by award-winning architect and designer India Mahdavi, plunging the visitor into a Post-Impressionism dream.

French artist Pierre Bonnard is renowned for his colourful paintings, capturing the influences of Japanese artists and his contemporary Paul Gauguin in bold strokes and creating stunning landscapes and beautiful domestic images such as a family around a dinner table. Now the National Gallery of Victoria is showcasing the Pierre Bonnard: Designed by India Mahdavi exhibition. The show brings together more than 100 works by the celebrated artist, presented in a scenography designed by India Mahdavi. The award-winning architect and designer, a huge fan of colour herself, has created a tableau where the works, some of which are on-loan from Musée d'Orsay, come together to welcome you into a familiar setting of an intimate home and treating your eyes to Bonnard's world of post-Impressionism.


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