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The Art of Fashion Staples

The Mucem museum in Marseille in the south of France is putting together Vêtements Modèles, a fashion exhibition that studies the evolution of five fashion basics, which have changed the way we dress today.

Houston Kiltmakers Ltd © Mucem - Marianna Kuhn

The humble tank top, sweat pants, French blue workwear, kilts and the espadrille are showcased through the years, from their beginnings as workwear designed primarily for tradesmen, sportswear, and traditional dress, to their more prominent places today in fashion. The art exhibition shows off the craftsmanship behind these fashion staples, unveiling their history and how and why they were manufactured, and how now, more than ever, these basics have become a way of life when it comes to dressing. Who doesn't wear sweat pants when running errands? Simple sweat pants are no longer reserved for gym workouts but are now part of the leisure wear trend that many people, especially in recent times, have adopted into their every day styling. The interactive exhibition, which is showing until the 6th of December, invites you to touch the different materials used to create these pieces, and demonstrates once again how cyclical fashion really is and how traditional dress such as the Scottish kilt weaves its way into mainstream fashion.


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