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The Aperol Terrazza is Back at the Australian Open

The Aperol Terrazza is back at the AO and it is the place to be for a refreshing spritz between matches.

The Australian Open is in full swing and besides watching our favourite players competing and guessing who will have a tantrum and smash a racket or confront hecklers, we love nothing more than enjoying a spritz in the sun. The tradition continues this year with the Aperol Terrazza making a comeback, creating the perfect rendezvous for a drink between matches. Sparkling spritzes await under the orange umbrellas, creating a wonderful refuge from the sun, and if you're feeling a little peckish, the pop-up terrazza has a snacking menu to enjoy with your drink. It has become a tradition to enjoy an Aperol Spritz at the AO and who are we to break such a tradition?!


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