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The 4 Cs in Paris

The Hôtel de Crillon certainly knows how to serve the best of Paris. The luxury hotel's new ephemeral terrace comes straight from the playbook of royalty, in the aptly named Salon Marie-Antoinette.

On the second floor of the plush Hôtel de Crillon, in the Salon Marie-Antoinette, is where you are invited for an evening of the four Cs, champagne, caviar, Concorde and Crillon hospitality. For the first time the Salon has been transformed into Terrace Marie-Antoinette, creating the ultimate summer terrace, with the Salon's balcony, which overlooks Place de la Concorde, playing host to the champagne bar. Here you can splurge on caviar and champagne, take in a spectacular view of the Place de la Concorde obelisk, and bask in the impeccable service of the bar. The caviar comes courtesy of Kaviari while the champagne is from the fine Billecart-Salmon house. And while the bubbles in the champagne and caviar are the star of the menu, you will also find creative cocktails to choose from as well as delicious tapas-style dishes to enjoy including salmon and blinis served with fresh dollops of cream, and mini Comté cheese and truffle croque sandwiches.


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