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Summer Drinks

Three drinks to fill you up with sunny goodness this summer in Melbourne.

For a refreshing cold-pressed juice our preferred rendezvous is Mr Squeeze, a juice bar where we order off-menu for a low-fructose juice. Switching apple juice with lemon juice or coconut water in the Green with Envy we have a healthy drink to sip on without the extra sugar.

When we're in the mood for something creamier, and naughtier, we head to Gloria Jean's for a Fully Loaded Chiller. This summer our favourite coffee place is serving up Aussie Faves including the Pavlova Chiller, turning everyone's favourite Aussie dessert into a cooling drink.

And for an immunity boost we call on Boost Juice for a serving of its Immunity Juice. With strawberries, freshly squeezed orange juice and watermelon juice, and a dash of the Immunity Booster, the drink is refreshing and helps arm us with an extra dose of immunity, something we all need right now.


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