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Stepping Out With Maya

Lebanese designer Maya Lakis shows off her latest collection of glam shoes.

At times graphic, at times playful, but always glamorous. Maya Lakis shoes are every woman's fantasy when it comes to footwear, offering us seductive and statement-making accessories.

What began as an answer to her frustration of being unable to find the perfect shoe, Maya Lakis's eponymous brand is now a passionate outlet of creativity for the designer who not only works to design beautiful shoes but also shoes that allow every woman to express herself. "Footwear is not something we take lightly. It’s a statement. It’s a style. A shoe says a lot about a person. Shoes are very personal and I wanted to be a part of that world", the designer explains. Another reason the designer was drawn to designing shoes more so than other accessories is because shoes do not discriminate, explaining that shoes can work to boost confidence, "Sometimes, shoes can also be a choice you make to break away from insecurities. They are very carefree. They don’t involve a body type, a skin type or anything. They are purely a love story that requires no effort and are easy to enjoy!"

Bold, colourful and classic, Maya Lakis shoes are designed to complement any style and to easily work into day and night outfits, completing every woman's look without taking away from her personality. Using rich fabrics and designed to figure into a wardrobe and stay for longer than a season, the brand promotes slow fashion, working to etch out its place in the fashion world while maintaining staying power with signature designs, from fancy flats to sky-high stiletto heels.


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