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Stay with Gwyneth Paltrow in Montecito for a Unique Hollywood Experience

Gwyneth Paltrow is opening up her Montecito guesthouse for an Airbnb stay like no other where the Hollywood star will greet you upon your arrival and host you in her Goop-filled sanctuary for a Hollywood royalty kind of stay.

Ever wondered how Goop queen Gwyneth Paltrow lives? The A-lister has partnered up with Airbnb for quite the unique opportunity to offer two lucky people a stay as guests in her luxury home, giving you a front row seat, or rather house, to see and live just like her. Two lucky people, yes only you and one guest are allowed, can check-in at the home Goop built for a sumptuous overnight stay that will include a dip in the star's pool, dinner with Gwynnie herself and her husband, and a selfcare moment in the opulent bathroom that will be stocked with Goop products to make sure you leave the guesthouse looking like a Hollywood star. You can try your luck to move in with Gwyneth on the 9th of September by heading to Airbnb on the 16th of August to book your very Goopy stay.

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