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Stacking in Style

We love a necklace stack. To create your own layered look we have dipped into our jewellery box to share with you some of our favourite pieces. We hope you get inspired.

Tiffany & Co.'s T collection is a classic that keeps on getting better with age. A little on the exxy side, the pieces are timeless so at least you know it's not something you will be tossing aside after a couple of wears. Follow in Hailey Bieber's bejewelled look and wear the T pendants for a striking stack.

Working with different cut and rough diamonds, Lorde Jewlery is a name you should know if you appreciate creative and original designs. If you're looking for a necklace to stack or wear alone we love this unique Diamond Slice Necklace, with a delicate diamond slice encircled with a diamond pavé.

Knotted like a pretzel, this Soraya pendant necklace from Monsieur Paris is a favourite to stack with other, simpler and more delicate necklaces and chains for an understated cool vibe.

Feel and look like a star with this Etoile pendant choker necklace from Raquel Welche. The French jewellery label specialises in pieces created with stacking in mind, especially their necklaces.

If you prefer chunkier, less delicate pieces for your stacking technique, make sure you start your layers with dinh van's chain necklace from its new Maillon collection, for a more statement-making stack.


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