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Skincare Saviours You Need Now

From your face to your heels, we have discovered great skincare products that will work their magic to help you reveal smoother, beautiful skin.

Formulated using Kakadu plum and macadamia oil, Plendi's Outback Mud Mask gently exfoliates the skin and leaves it looking brighter. The Aussie mask also works to minimise the pores and fights pesky blackheads.

Moroccanoil not only treats our hair with its miracle Argan oil, but it also makes shower gels that are kind to our skin as well. The collection of shower gels is formulated with argan oil to hydrate while cleansing your skin.

To keep your body and hands feeling silky smooth reach for Botany Native Flora's new Hand & Body Lotion scented with sweet hibiscus flower. It will moisturise you all over from fingers to toes and its non-greasy formula will let you step into your clothes without feeling sticky.

If you suffer from body blemishes then you need to reach for Dermalogica's Clarifying Bacne Spray. The spray has been designed to help clear clogged pores and to also reduce future breakouts, which is perfect especially if you love to dress up in body-baring clothes.

In winter and in summer you need to keep your skin hydrated from head to toe. Our recent discovery, Just Shea, is the perfect ingredient to having soft and smooth skin with the label's Body Balm made with baobab oil, which is rich in vitamins A, C, D and E, creating the perfect potion for not only your body but also your face. Its smooth texture nourishes the skin, leaving it feeling softer all over.

You should never forget your feet when you think skincare and treating our feet to some much-needed TLC is Scholl and their ExpertCare Exfoliating Heel Peel Mask. The mask rids your heels of dry skin to reveal smoother and softer heels. Just pop on the pads for an hour and in 3 days your old skin will start peeling to reveal baby-smooth skin. Be sure to time it so as not to wear revealing shoes during the days your heel will be peeling because although you will be left with great skin after the process you may not want to show off your peeling skin.


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