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Skating at the Plaza

Plush hotel Plaza Athénée is bringing the French Alps to its Cour Jardin for an evening of fondue, wine and skating.

Paris's Plaza Athénée hotel is turning its iconic courtyard into a mountain getaway for the winter season in the French capital. The plush hotel transports you to the Alps with its chic chalet nestled in its Cour Jardin with the hotel's facade cascading with fairy lights, lighting up your evening beautifully in the City of Light. The ephemeral chalet serves us a quaint setting to indulge in fondue and lots of wine. Prepared by chef Jean Imbert, the menu includes three different fondue options you can choose from, classic, with mushrooms, or with black truffles, to be enjoyed with French wine or perhaps a flute of Veuve Clicquot. The hotel has also set up an ice skating rink in the courtyard, inviting you to show off your skills on ice, a cool way to start off your evening or perhaps a way to burn off some of the fondue after dinner. The Chalet du Plaza Athénée will be open until the 19th of February inviting you to skate and dine on fondue every Wednesday to Sunday.

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