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Signature Scents

Be the master creator of your own scent with The Alchemist Atelier.

Create your own perfume with the help of The Alchemist Atelier. In an hour and a half you can design your bespoke scent, creating a signature fragrance that you can call your own. Being a perfume house nose isn't easy but during a private perfume-making atelier you are introduced to the different families of scents in building a fragrance, from the base notes to the heart notes to the top notes, and you quickly become the exclusive nose to your signature scent. The first step in the atelier is discovering the different notes that are used in building a fragrance before choosing your favourite base notes, heart and top notes. Once you narrow down your preferences, whether woody, floral or citrusy, you choose the dosage of each note before the elixirs are mixed in the Scent Creator, a unique machine especially designed for mixing perfumes, and voila your siganture scent is ready for you to wear. The exceptional thing here is that you can also buy the Scent Creator and mix different scents at home to suit your every mood and continue being the nose of every perfume you wear.


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