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Sexy Specs

Sunglasses are the best way to protect your eyes from the sun and the glare, and to cover a hangover or just tired eyes, shielding them, and you, from judging eyes. Sunglasses are also a great fashion accessory that we love to wear just because we can. Check out five new collections that will have you seeing sexy style in your eyes.

Big, bold and beautiful, Dolce & Gabbana's new collection of sunglasses are the high fashion of specs. These 50s-inspired sunglasses are the perfect accessory if you want to make a statement, and twinning with JLo.

Acuitis's new Ellypse collection of sunglasses draws inspiration from both seashells and space, creating specs that are out of this world and perfect for hiding behind.

Retro vibes mixed with futuristic inspirations come together in Gigi Studio's As Far As I Can See collection. From oversized John Lennon-style round glasses to aviator-inspired models, the collection is understated while still packing a punch in the style stakes.

Hailey Bieber has teamed up with Vogue Eyewear for a capsule collection that is bringing to our eyes butterfly-style and tortoiseshell-like frames. Borrowing from designs from the 90s, the collection includes 8 models, and suit most face shapes so there is a pair for everyone to cover their peepers from prying eyes.

Atol is also jumping on the classic designs, offering aviators, oversized butterfly-shaped frames and mirrored lenses, protecting the eyes from the sun on sunny days and from the glare on cloudy ones, covering you in any season in style.


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