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Seijna Stacking

French jewellery house Seijna will adorn your fingers, encircling each digit with precious rings.

Déborah Lombroso's fascination with jewellery started with her Russian great grandmother's jewellery box. As a little girl her eyes twinkled when she saw the pretty jewellery and precious stones, feulling her passion to study gemmology in New York before launching her own jewellery brand. Seijna, named after her great grandmother's nickname, is an ode to both her family and her love of diamonds. The high jewellery pieces are fashioned in Parisian ateliers with the best artisans fashioning delicate designs that are at once easy to wear as well as statement-making. The brand also offers a bespoke service, designing pieces that are unique and made-to-order, though our favourite pieces are the house's rings that can be worn alone or stacked one on top of the other.


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